"We will create an archetype. And the Sissi will be for me the beginning of a work based on the collective memory. As if I opened the cranial box of several people in the street, that I pour plastic, that I close it, that I reopen it, and that I leave this lamp, a kind of common place. The common place has always interested me. I remember a child's play. When children ask the big question, "What is an animal? ", People invariably answer:" a lion "or" an elephant ", there is not much choice. "Give me a color. Is always "red. To: "Draw me a house. The house is necessarily like that. " A musical instrument ? It's going to be a drum or, at most, a trumpet. And if the request is to draw a lamp, well, here it is, Miss Sissi, who was never drawn by me but by all of us, and for our greatest happiness. Finally, by making it in an ultramodern fashion, injected plastic, it was inexpensive, with multiple colors. There was not even a desire on my part to impose a taste, a particular aesthetic, it was really a real service. " Ph.S

Ø​​​​​​​14 cm, height 28cm
150 €

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