Etre Moderne is a designstudio located in Hasselt (Belgium), 
founded in 2015 by Philippe Vermeersch & Caroline Gielen, specialized in lighting, furniture & object design. We offer designconcepts as well as productdevelopment for your concepts till production, or both.
Philippe Vermeersch (°79) Master Product Development, Antwerp 
concept, design & development
Caroline Gielen (°79) Graduated at The Design Academy, Eindhoven 
concept & design
3D cad engineering
Materials & technologies analysis
Supplier identification
Prototype verification
" Forms of modern life may differ in quite a few respects – but what unites them all is precisely their fragility, temporariness, vulnerability and inclination to constant change. To ‘be modern’ means to modernize – compulsively, obsessively; not so much just ‘to be’, let alone to keep its identity intact, but forever ‘becoming’, avoiding completion, staying underdefined. Each new structure which replaces the previous one as soon as it is declared old-fashioned and past its use-by date is only another momentary settlement – acknowledged as temporary and ‘until further notice’. Being always, at any stage and at all times, ‘post-something’ is also an undetachable feature of modernity. As time flows on, ‘modernity’ changes its forms in the manner of the legendary Proteus . . . What was some time ago dubbed (erroneously) 'post-modernity' and what I've chosen to call, more to the point, 'liquid modernity', is the growing conviction that change is the only permanence, and uncertainty the only certainty. A hundred years ago 'to be modern' meant to chase 'the final state of perfection' - now it means an infinity of improvement, with no 'final state' in sight and none desired. "   
Zygmunt Baumann, Liquid Modernity, 2000